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There is a way of tending lingering patterns that interfere with the quality of our daily living.

We may want to find relief, clarity, and confidence.  Or perhaps we seek creativity, a sense of belonging, ease, and inner aliveness.  We can do this by reconnecting with our organismic tendency for healing, balance, and integration. 

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My name is Yossi Beeri.  I have been immersed in the subject of healing for over 15 years.  My work is born out of my own sufferings, stumblings, and discoveries, aided by a few special teachers along my journey back home.

My interest is to be of use to you in discovering your innate grounding, wisdom and resilience.  I offer a safe, gentle space where challenges can be explored and supported

with warmth and acceptance. My focus and trainings include Sensory Awareness, Gestalt Awareness Practice, and Internal Family Systems. 

Much of this I learned both theoretically and, more importantly, experientially during my many years as an Esalen staff member. Over time I found that a major key to all of this is presence, which becomes accessible to us when we meet ourselves with both relational and somatic intelligence.

"I have been a somatic psychotherapist for over 30 years, both as a group leader at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, CA and in private practice. I have known and worked with Yossi for much of that time and can warmly recommend anyone who is interested in Somatic Sensory Awareness to avail themselves of the opportunity to experience his remarkable skill, knowledge and expertise in this area of personal inquiry."

~ Ken Robins

Free Introductory Call!

PO Box 2104, Carmel, CA  93921

(831) 917-4357

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